Understanding Your 401K Plan

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A 401(k) investment plan allows you to defer paying income tax on the money you save for retirement, and facilitates the process easily through automatic payroll withdrawals at a rate which you determine. You may even have the added benefit of employer contributions to the plan! Unfortunately, not all 401(k) plans were created equally. Your plan could have sub-par investment opportunities, high fees, and no employer contribution. You should at least know the basics in 401(k) plans.

Why You Should Consider an Umbrella Policy

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Sadly, we live in an increasingly litigious society where courts award judgments in the millions. It is unlikely that any of us will be sued for more than we are worth, but awful things happen every day which force people to worry that their lives will be upended in a lawsuit. These are times when a relatively inexpensive solution, the Personal Umbrella Policy (or PUP), would erase such fears.

Why You Need Disability Insurance

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Generally speaking, Americans highly value insurance plans which protect their home, auto, and their family’s health. Many consider these policies as essential. Indeed, they are required by law in many states. Consumers seldom consider the possibility that they could lose their ability to earn an income which, essentially, is what disability insurance is all about. 

Understanding the Open Enrollment Period of the ACA

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The Affordable Care Act is officially in effect, and the clock is now ticking down to the end of its first Open Enrollment period. If you do not have health insurance coverage, or wish to change your existing coverage, then you have until March 31st to sign up through the Health Insurance Marketplace. The next Open Enrollment period is scheduled for October 15th to December 7th. 

Psychiatrists and Health Insurance

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Mental illness and its treatment unfortunately still carry a stigma in many quarters of our society. With so much news focusing on calls for better observation and treatment of mental disorders, it may have surprised many when a recent study revealed that barely 50% of all office-based psychiatrists accepted any form of health insurance compared with physicians in other specialized fields. On December 10, Vice President Joe Biden announced new initiatives to increase access to mental health services with $100 million in government funding. Still, many observers wonder why this problem is so prevalent.

Understanding Farm Insurance

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There are many unusual aspects involved in owning and maintaining a farm, and making sure that it is properly insured is certainly one of them.  Farmers need to make sure all their assets are covered from the animals, to their property & equiptment, and their employees.  

Insuring That Special Gift from Santa

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There’s a brand new car in the driveway on Christmas morning, complete with an enormous bow. Or, a woman opens a box under the tree, only to find expensive jewelry inside. At any point did you ever wonder if the recipient has enough insurance to cover that present? Here's why you need to insure a gift before you give it

Why You Should Consider Special Event Insurance

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Some of the most hilarious episodes of sitcoms focus on things going very wrong at a special event. Weddings, reunions, bar mitzvahs, even funerals (poor Chuckles the Clown), have been the subjects of television classics. In fact, whole seasons of a series may build up the excitement of the event, culminating in that final, season ending episode in which everything comes together, exploding in chaotic hilarity.

What’s the Status of

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The Obama administration imposed a November 30 deadline to fully improve the federally run website that most uninsured consumers will use to sign up for healthcare coverage, . On Monday, December 2, 2013, the consensus seems to be that, while far from 100% of the problems have been corrected; the website is far more robust than many had feared. 

Your Homeowner’s Policy and the Holidays

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Does your homeowner's policy cover you for some of the common mishaps that occur during the holidays?  Follow these tips to ensure coverage and give yourself peace of mind so you can enjoy the festivities.