Insuring That Special Gift from Santa

Posted on: Tuesday, December 17, 2013  Comments (0)

There’s a brand new car in the driveway on Christmas morning, complete with an enormous bow. Or, a woman opens a box under the tree, only to find expensive jewelry inside. At any point did you ever wonder if the recipient has enough insurance to cover that present? Here's why you need to insure a gift before you give it

Why You Should Consider Special Event Insurance

Posted on: Wednesday, December 4, 2013  Comments (0)

Some of the most hilarious episodes of sitcoms focus on things going very wrong at a special event. Weddings, reunions, bar mitzvahs, even funerals (poor Chuckles the Clown), have been the subjects of television classics. In fact, whole seasons of a series may build up the excitement of the event, culminating in that final, season ending episode in which everything comes together, exploding in chaotic hilarity.