How to Get Your Insurance Career Started

Posted on: Wednesday, August 7, 2013

Have you ever considered a career in the insurance industry? Agencies are seeing remarkable growth, so the potential for a successful career in this business has probably never been better. However, it is important that you begin by asking what position in the insurance field would best suit you, as there are so many. If you are outgoing, you can become a sales agent.

Perhaps, though, working at a desk processing claims, or as an adjuster would be a better fit for your skills. Many insurance agencies sell and process a variety of financial products, such as retirement plans, mutual funds, or other investment opportunities. Skills in finance, math, accounting, marketing, or computer sciences certainly can be beneficial. However, people with a high school diploma and salesmanship can do very well as insurance professionals.

Here’s what you need to know before getting your career started:

  • Become licensed.  While some companies will pay you as you train, nothing can really happen until you have been licensed by the state in which you intend to work. This usually consists of taking classes prior to satisfactorily completing a challenging Insurance Broker license exam. You should be warned that many people do not pass the exam on their first attempt. Each state has its own unique licensing rules and guidelines. To determine the exact requirements for the state in which you live or intend to work, consult your state government's website. For further information, go here.  

  • Determine an area of specialty. Most insurance agents specialize in one particular field, such as health, auto, or life. Whether you work for an insurance agency, or you start your own business, specialization is recommended because of the enormous amount of knowledge that’s required to excel in any insurance area. 

  • Plan on taking courses throughout your career. You may have a license to sell insurance, but the education doesn’t stop there. You will perpetually need to meet the continuing education requirements for your state. Changes to virtually every aspect of the insurance business occur regularly, and it's imperative that you keep up with the ever-changing laws and codes.

This isn’t an easy career, but it certainly can be a rewarding one for the right individual. We welcome inquiries into careers in 

  • Customer Assistance
  • Agent Support
  • Office Assistance
  • Sales

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