Why you should consider special event insurance

Posted on: Wednesday, December 4, 2013

Some of the most hilarious episodes of sitcoms focus on things going very wrong at a special event. Weddings, reunions, bar mitzvahs, even funerals (poor Chuckles the Clown), have been the subjects of television classics. In fact, whole seasons of a series may build up the excitement of the event, culminating in that final, season ending episode in which everything comes together, exploding in chaotic hilarity. The best examples of these go on to be called comedy classics, and live for decades in rerun heaven.

Unfortunately, if you actually lived one of these experiences, the consequences might not be so funny.  So many things can occur during a planned event that will be beyond your control, including extreme weather, accidents, and problems with vendors and guests. Special Event insurance exists to protect you, your guests, and everyone participating in the occasion, for whatever reason. For someone who has spent months planning and anticipating a major function, unforeseen circumstances can bring more than disappointment. It could bring financial ruin.


The most likely special event that you would consider insuring, of course, is a wedding. For the happy couple and their families, this is no time to worry over what might go wrong. They only want to focus on making this the most joyous event of their lives. Special Event insurance covers such situations as

  • A weather event forces many of your guests to cancel.
  • The caterer goes out of business and is unable to give you a refund.
  • The venue double-books for the day.
  • The entertainment fails to show up.
  • A guest consumes too much alcohol, and a DUI incident occurs.

Face it; the list of wedding catastrophes that we’ve all heard of is endless. Injuries, lawsuits, serious damage, theft…worse. A brief time reflecting on them should convince you that Special Event insurance is an essential investment for that special day.

Other events

Weddings are the most common events covered by Special Event insurance, but there are so many more occasions which call for purchasing these policies. Businesses and organizations are certainly not exempt from needing coverage. Consider 

  • Art festivals and shows: One slip and a valuable piece of art could be ruined.
  • Block parties: More households and more guests provide more chances of something going very wrong.
  • Charity events: Don’t let something intended as non-profit morph into a financial nightmare.
  • Conferences: Your business reputation may be at stake.
  • Craft Fairs and Craft Festivals: Vendors and crowds can present untold complications.

The fact is that liability issues can materialize out of pretty much any event. Protect yourself, your business, and your loved ones from the worst case scenario. Leave the pandemonium to the sitcoms.

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