Core Insurance Customer Service

Select the Right Insurance for Your Needs

When it comes to protecting your family, business, or yourself, a myriad of insurance options are available.  In many cases, you have to speak with several different agents in order to get all the coverage you actually need.  For example, if you own a company and your spouse isn’t employed, you might need:

And, this is only the tip of the total insurance iceberg.   As your business grows and life becomes more complex, you may need additional types of coverage.

Core Benefits Group Helps You Find the Best Custom Solutions

In many cases, it becomes necessary to have more than one insurance agent to get all these types of coverage.  However, at Core Benefits Group, our knowledgeable agents help you locate and understand all aspects of these types of insurance and all others you can imagine.  

By focusing on successful, long term relationships, we help you identify only the forms of coverage you need right now that also fit within your personal or business budget.  Whether you are a seasoned business owner who knows what he or she wants; or if you are a private individual learning for the first time, our agents take the time to explain every detail of insurance to you until you have a full understanding of your policy and what it covers.

Information we have available for helping you with insurance include: