Group Life Insurance

Group Life Insurance – Help Your Employees Protect Their Loved Ones

Life insurance provides substantial financial assistance for the loved ones of your company’s employees.  In addition, however, businesses receive a number of other benefits from offering life insurance:

  • Tax-deductible premiums for Federal taxes
  • The ability to attract more qualified employees
  • Increased employee loyalty, which reduces turnover
  • Improved morale, which increases employee productivity
  • Lower rates for purchasing on a group basis 

By offering an excellent benefits package to employees, companies become one of the most desirable places to work. This attracts more qualified candidates, placing it in a much stronger position for long term success.  

Core Benefits Group – Agents You Can Trust

At Core Benefits Group, we look to become your trusted insurance advisor.  We focus on developing long term relationships with all of our clients.  We’ll help you purchase the life insurance your business needs at a price that fits within your budget.  And, we can help your company purchase all other types of insurance as well.  

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