Long Term Care Life Insurance

Long Term Care Insurance - Protect Your Family & Financial Assets

According to the US Census Bureau, the number of citizens over 65 increased by 15.1% from 2001 to 2010.  By 2050, their number will increase from 40.2 million (2010 estimate) to 88.5 million.

Are you prepared to financially care for your loved ones, or yourself, should long term care be required?

If you’re like most Americans, the thought crosses your mind occasionally, but you don’t have a plan in place to address that situation, should it occur.  Long term care is defined as a need for assistance with some, most, or all of the activities of daily living.  Long term care insurance protects you and your loved ones from the high expenses that result from using the medical services to provide this care.  

What Situations Does Long Term Care Cover?

  • Skilled nursing – This describes a situation where someone suffers an acute condition requiring intensive medical attention for less  than 100 days.  
  • Hospice care – This term refers to individuals facing a terminal health condition, or who have been given less than six months to live.
  • Non-skilled nursing care – This type of care is provided for a person with a chronic condition from which he or she is not expected to recover.  This care lasts longer than 100 days, possibly several years.

In addition to types of care, it’s also important from an insurance perspective to define where you can receive long term care services.  

  • Home care – This care pays for care in your home.  Experts project demand to increase significantly for this care in the coming decades.
  • Facility care – This care pays for care in a facility, which may include an assisted living community, continuing care retirement community, nursing home, or adult day center.
  • Respite care – Respite services exist to provide relief to family members providing care giving to a sick or injured loved one, and it can be provided at the home or a facility.

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