Specialty Insurance

Specialty Insurance – For Weddings & Other Important Events

Imagine the following scenario:  you’ve been planning your wedding for over a year.  You have the banquet hall, dress, church, and decorations you’ve been dreaming about your entire life.

But, a few days before the occasion you’ve been dreaming about for your entire life, the church and hall suffer severe flood damage.

Or, think about an important conference you’ve been planning for your business for the past several months.  The keynote speaker is an incredible individual you’ve spent more than a year trying to book.  A number of other influential thought leaders will present at the conference as well.  

But, you learn a hurricane will be hitting the area for several days, including the day of your conference.

In either of these situations, you can’t make the event happen, but you can protect yourself from losing the money you invested.  Wedding and special event insurance can be used to provide coverage for unfortunate situations like these.  Then, you can reschedule your event, and you will still have funds available for making it happen.

Core Benefits Group Helps You Find the Protection You Need

At Core Benefits Group, we make it our goal to help you identify only the type and amount of insurance you need.  We have many friendly agents who value personal service and will happily walk you through each and every detail of the entire process.  We can help you find two major types of specialty insurance: