Whole Life Insurance

Whole Life – Protection in Place for Your Entire Life

You have had the inevitable thought – “What happens to my family if I die unexpectedly?”  A number of images flash through your mind, none of them positive. 

While you don’t know what can or will happen to your family should you die young, you can secure their financial future with whole life insurance.  It’s an unfortunate reality everyone has to face.  

Why would you purchase whole life insurance?  Examine the primary benefits this form of coverage offers:

  • Provides for your family in the event of a substantial loss of income – covers mortgage costs, tuition, and other major expenses
  • Access the policy’s cash value in emergency situations, or for investment opportunities 
  • Accumulates cash value untaxed until you withdraw funds

How Does Whole Life Insurance Work?

As its name suggests, whole life insurance functions for the entire duration of your life.  The difference between this type of life insurance and others is part of the premium you pay is invested and gains value.  In addition to the invested amount, each premium payment builds up cash value.  You don’t have to pay taxes while these funds increase in value.  Other advantages whole life insurance offers include:

  • You can borrow against the cash value of your policy at generally favorable interest rates
  • You receive the cash value of your policy if you choose to surrender it to the insurer
  • Your family still receives the face and cash value of the policy in the unfortunate event of your death

Like all other insurance policies, your premium is calculated based on a number of factors, including your age, general health status, and the policy benefit you desire.  

At Core Benefits Group, we understand how difficult choosing the right insurance product to protect your family is.  We do everything we can for you, the client. We’ll walk you through every step of understanding the type of insurance you need, and we’ll help you purchase only what works for you.  

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