Business Insurance Resource

Custom Insurance Solutions for Unique Businesses

Your business has been successful because you identified a custom solution your customers need, and you learned how to implement that solution better than anyone else.  Similarly, Core Benefits Group will meet with you to understand your business, and the custom insurance solutions that will provide you the affordable financial protection your business needs.  

Your business may require one or more of these available insurance products:

  • Health – Providing great health benefits helps you attract the top employees and compete more strongly in the marketplace.
  • General/Professional Liability – Accidents happen.  Liability insurance protects your business from incurring massive, unexpected debt.  
  • Umbrella Policy – Covers you if you find your business on the wrong end of a financial catastrophe.  If your other forms of insurance are exhausted, an umbrella policy takes effect.  
  • Commercial Auto – Protect your fleet of business vehicles and any liability your drivers might incur.  
  • Worker’s Compensation – In most cases, you have to carry it.  We’ll help you identify the right coverage, given the potential for accidents unique to your workplace.
  • Key Man – If one person is responsible for much of your company’s success, this insurance provides financial protection in the event he or she is unable to work for an extended period of time.  
  • Property – Major catastrophes happen that destroy your physical assets, and property insurance covers them if this occurs at your business.  
  • Business Owner’s Policy – This coverage offers a high degree of customization and covers both your property and situations where your company has liability.  

Core Benefits Group Helps You Identify the Right Solutions

As a business owner, you know it’s all about working with people you can trust.  At Core Benefits Group, we do everything possible to earn you trust.  Our goal is to gain a thorough understanding of your business, and learn exactly which types of insurance will give you the best affordable protection.  We also take the time to act as a reliable consultant, answering all your questions and helping you through all insurance processes, even after you purchase your insurance.  

Take some time to learn about each of the product categories, and the specific products we can help you identify: