Business Insurance

Business Insurance – To Help You Struggle Through Those Tough Times

Just like daily life, chaos can explode onto the scene in your business life at any given moment.  “Planning is priceless, but plans are worthless,” goes a wise saying.  For those times when your finest laid plans don’t work out, insurance coverage is available to help you.  

  • While working on an important client project, one of your employees makes a critical error, costing that company thousands of dollars in business
  • A passer-by slips, falls, and hits her head on a sidewalk your business failed to clear, resulting in severe medical injuries• You provide medical services to patients with cardiac conditions, and one of them accuses you of medical malpractice
  • Your business relies on a superstar salesman, who receives injuries in a car accident and is unable to work for the coming year
  • One of your business partners dies, and you are unsure how to transition ownership to you and your partners, while offering a fair price to the surviving family members

Catastrophic scenarios like these happen all the time, but you never know how, when, where, or to what degree your business will experience such a scenario.  But, if you purchase the right insurance to cover you in these unfortunate events, you at least will have peace of mind, knowing you have financial protection.

Position Your Business as a Leader by Attracting the Most Talented Employees

The most talented employees, even in a down market, go to the top organizations because they know the value they bring.  By offering market-leading health, dental, vision, and 401k benefits to the most qualified candidates, you reduce turnover, increase interest from star performers, and ultimately position your company for long-term success in your industry.  

At Core Benefits Group, we aim to become your long term insurance partner.  We recommend only the types of coverage you need that also fit within your budget.  You can count on our experienced professionals to provide you with the unique insurance coverage your business requires.  We can help you locate any type of insurance for your company, including: