Business Property Insurance

Secure Your Physical Assets with Business Property Insurance

Imaging the following scenarios:

  • A fire destroys most of your business’s physical property
  • Your water pipes freeze and burst, damaging and destroying the physical assets inside your building
  • Violent storms arrive, shattering windows and damaging your company’s sign

Could your business afford to replace the damaged goods or repair the resulting damage using its own funds?

Fortunately, business property insurance covers damage resulting from these situations and others.  Whether you own several buildings, lease your own workspace, or work at home, business property insurance covers all physical assets your company owns.

Find the Insurance That Provides the Coverage You Need

What you need to insure depends on the type of business you own.  You may own a retail store, office, medical office, restaurant, personal service firm, ranch or farm, or work out of your apartment or home.  

At Core Benefits Group, our agents take the time to personally meet you, understand your business, and recommend the insurance that works best for your unique needs.  Like you, we understand the value of establishing long-term, trusted relationships with each and every one of our clients.  We help you identify the type of business property insurance you need, the amount of coverage that works best, and the insuring company that puts your best interests first.  

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