Commercial Umbrella Policy

Commercial Umbrella Insurance – For When Disasters Happen

What happens to a business when a catastrophe occurs, resulting in a major lawsuit?  Standard business liability insurance covers the majority of all cases in which a company is liable for bodily or property damage.  However, consider the following situations, which could result in multi-million dollar suits against your company:

  • A carbon monoxide leak that causes multiple severe injuries and deaths
  • Services are not properly rendered, resulting in damage to a client’s property
  • A product causes an unexpectedly severe health reaction in a small number of individuals

Unfortunately, these situations can happen to even the most responsible of business owners – it’s impossible to prepare perfectly for every scenario.  

Core Benefits Group Helps You Find a Customized Solution Tailored to Your Needs

With higher revenues come greater litigation risks, legitimate or not.  Fortunately, our friendly agents at Core Insurance can help identify the exact amount of coverage you need.  We will analyze your current coverage, and recommend a new policy limit based on those findings.  

As a business owner, you have become successful by building strong relationships founded on trust with your clients.  At Core Benefits Group, we follow the same philosophy.  As your trusted partner, you’ll purchase only the insurance that you need to help you in your darkest hour.  

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