Condo Insurance

Protect Your Living Space & Possessions with Condo Insurance

When you purchase a home, you know it’s important to purchase homeowner’s insurance.  Because condos are unique structures in their own right and are somewhat different from homes, it’s important to purchase condo insurance.  Keep in mind also that while you pay fees to a condo association, they have no responsibility for insuring what’s inside your condo.  

When you purchase condo insurance, you can select from a number of types of coverage, which


  • Protection from natural disasters such as fire, flooding, and tornadoes
  • Payment for vandalism and broken glass
  • Coverage in the event of plumbing freezes
  • Insurance for damage or loss of personal property
  • The cost to replace your condo and specified permanent attachments up to a defined value

The most basic condo insurance policy covers damage to your personal belongings, as well as to the interior of your unit.  Like most types of insurance, you can customize your policy to any extent.  At Core Benefits Group, our goal is to help you identify only the coverage you need, and that fits within your budget.  

How Does Condex Insurance Work?

While we work with clients across the nation, customers in the New England area may be residents in a condex.  In the case of a condex, a master insurance policy covers the building structure and any liability issues resulting from the property, and the owners of each condo share the cost of this policy.  

If any condo owner desires coverage for damage to personal property, that owner must pursue that coverage individually.  At Core Benefits Group, we value long term customer relationships.  Our agents make it their goal to walk you step-by-step through the process of purchasing condo insurance, and to also assist you whenever you have any questions with your policy or claims you make. 

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