Dental and Vision Insurance

Keep an Attractive Smile & 20/20 Vision with Dental & Vision Insurance

Currently, lifespans for you and your family average 70 – 80 years.  While you can replace a vehicle, your health is something you never get back.  As you look back on life, there are certainly times where you delayed or avoided going to the dentist or optometrist because you were afraid of how much their services would cost.

Did you know insurance companies are required to view some specific types of health care as “preventive care,” which means they must cover all of the cost of the service?  

While the types of services insurance companies cover are very specific, annual teeth cleanings and vision assessments are two types of care insurance companies must cover fully.  Our friendly, experienced insurance agents help you understand all the specific details of your dental and vision health care plans, so you know exactly what your plan covers and how much your care will cost you.  

Find the Best Insurance Products that Work for You

At Core Benefits Group, our goal lies in helping you find the right insurance product at the right price.  If you only need catastrophic coverage to protect yourself from high bills, we can help you.  However, if you know you and your family will need to visit the dentist and optometrist on a regular basis, we will help you find a plan with a monthly premium and co-pay that most adequately meets your needs.  

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