Disability Health Insurance

Disability Insurance Works When You Can’t

Unfortunately, anyone can become disabled without warning.  While you may have a spouse assisting you in providing an income, have you ever considered how would you:

  • Make your mortgage payments?
  • Purchase groceries?
  • Assist your children with college tuition?
  • Pay for other living expenses such as car repairs?
  • Save for your retirement years?

Some additional sources of income you might use to help get by during the time you are disabled include:

  • Your employer – How long would they continue to pay you, and would they be willing to wait for you to recover while injured?
  • Spousal support – But can you, your spouse, and your children all live on just your spouse’s income?  And who takes care of you while your spouse provides an income and cares for your children?
  • Cash savings – One year of disability wipes out years of saved income – how will you recover this lost income?
  • Loans – Many lenders won’t offer you money without any ability to repay, and those that will charge exorbitant interest rates – is that a financial position you want to put you and your family in?
  • Investments – If you lose a year’s worth of income now, what will retirement look like in the future?  Will you be able to retire when you want to?
  • Social security – You aren’t allowed to collect benefits until the end of the fifth calendar month you have a total disability.  When you do collect benefits, they are only a small portion of your original income.  Can you wait that long and survive on a much smaller income?
  • Friends and family – Do they have enough to lend you to help you out?  What if you are unable to repay them in the time they want?

As you can see, these sources of income all have their drawbacks, but disability insurance covers you in the event you are unable to work so you don’t have to take any of the risks above.  At Core Benefits Group, we help you identify only the coverage you need, and that you can afford.  

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