Equine & Farm Insurance

Equine & Farm Insurance – Are You Prepared for Property & Liability Costs?

Have you thought about all the different financial catastrophes that could happen to your equine farm?  For example, you could encounter:

  • Extensive damage to your home, material possessions, shed, barn, machinery, tools, and livestock
  • Liability issues in situations such as where you allow people to ride your horses on or off your premises, or when you board, breed, race, or train horses or take them to a show

As you can see, a number of situations exist where you, your horse, your property, or someone else could experience an injury.  

How do you financially protect yourself in these situations?  You can do exactly that by purchasing equine and farm insurance.  

We are at the Core of Your Insurance Needs

At Core Benefits Group, we help you identify only the types of coverage you need.  Our philosophy revolves around building strong, long term relationships with all of our customers.  If we believe you will benefit from other types of insurance coverage, we’ll make those recommendations as well.  

You will receive prompt, personal attention throughout our entire working relationship.  We’ll walk you step-by-step throughout the entire process of acquiring insurance, from the time where you are still deciding what type of coverage you need, to the unfortunate event where you have to make a claim.

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