Group Health Insurance

Attract the Best Employees with Group Health Insurance

In today’s performance-driven society, you know it’s important to attract and hire the best employees available.  

How do you attract and keep the best?

One way is to offer excellent health insurance benefits.  When you work with the experienced agents at Core Benefits Group, you get:

  • Custom solutions – We’ll present you with an array of choices so your company purchases the best health insurance at the most reasonable prices
  • Savings strategies – We’ll help you understand how to use HSAs and HRAs to your advantage so you save on your premiums
  • A long term partner – Core Benefits Group doesn’t just “set it and forget it” – we act as your partner, actively helping you identify changes to improve the performance of your plan

As much as you evaluate prospective candidates for competence, they’re evaluating you for the overall quality of your workplace.  Why not give the most qualified candidates the best incentive possible to join your team?  They will end up creating more value than they cost in the long run, helping your business take one more step toward becoming the leader in your niche.

 You Can Trust Core Benefits Group

Our experienced insurance agents recognize every business is unique and help your company identify the best possible coverage that helps you create the most value for your employees.  We understand the foundation for all success begins with developing strong relationships with clients like you.  We’re happy to walk you through each step of the process.

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