Medicare Advantage

Medicare Advantage – Improve the Coverage of Your Medicare Plan

When enrolling in Medicare, all of your medical expenses may not be covered.  Some expenses are missed entirely, while other coverage is exhausted after you reach a certain limit.  

One way to protect you from incurring unexpected financial obligations is to enroll in a Medicare advantage plan.  

How Does Medicare Advantage Work?

The answer here is vague – it all depends on the type of coverage you need, and what you ultimately purchase.  Here are some of the benefits a Medicare advantage plan offers:

  • Reduced costs – depending on your insurance carrier’s network, providers may offer services at a lower cost than out-of-network physicians and hospitals
  • Affordable premiums on most services
  • Flexibility – you can receive care from any doctor or hospital approved by Medicare that also accepts your carrier’s payment conditions
  • Prescription drug coverage that meets or exceeds coverage offered by Medicare Part D
  • You pay a fixed copayment on a per visit basis for care from a physician or per day for inpatient care
  • No copayment for most preventive care, such as a cancer screening or immunization
  • Coverage for emergency care anywhere around the globe

Medicare is very complex – it’s difficult to understand what it covers, how much it will pay for, and what your financial obligation is.  Fortunately, the friendly agents at Core Benefits Group have a thorough understanding of Medicare and Medicare advantage plans.  We believe in only helping you purchase the insurance you need at a price that works for you.  If you have any questions about your insurance, we’re happy to help.  

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