Medicare Supplement Insurance

Medicare Doesn’t Cover Everything – Medicare Supplement Insurance Fills the Gaps

Medicare has a number of gaps which could mean you could still end up financially devastated due to your health condition.  Here are some, but not all, of the gaps you can expect Medicare supplement insurance to help you cover:

  • Coverage for 365 days following the end of your Medicare hospital benefits
  • Inpatient mental health coverage for 175 days after your inpatient benefits end
  • Coinsurance for residence in skilled nursing facilities 
  • Hospice coinsurance
  • Coverage for reasonable and customary charges for home care
  • Emergency coverage for situations requiring foreign travel that would have been covered by Medicare in the US
  • Additional coverage for state-mandated benefits, which vary by state

Talk with Core Benefits Group to Identify Your Needs

The key in every situation lies in ensuring you have the coverage that fills the gaps in Medicare.  At Core Benefits Group, our goal is to make the process of purchasing insurance as easy as possible.  We can explain every step to you, beginning with research and continuing all the way through the entire life of your policy.  We value long term customer relationships, and we focus on earning your trust by helping you purchase only the insurance whose coverage you actually need.  

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