Personal Insurance Resources

Helping You Select the Right Personal Insurance

Every person is unique, so it only makes sense that you select the unique insurance coverage you need for your circumstances.  At Core Benefits Group, we take this point strongly to heart.  Our goal is to tailor specific insurance products to suit your unique needs.  Depending on your specific situation, you may or may not need one or more of the following products:

  • Health insurance - Covers situations where you are self-employed or when health insurance is unavailable to you through your employer
  • Dental/vision insurance – If you’ve never had your own health insurance before, remember dental and vision insurance is separate from health insurance
  • Disability insurance – If you run your own business, how will you make enough income to support you and your family if you become physically unable to work?
  • Life insurance – Term, universal, and whole life insurance policies are available.  Each works better under different circumstances.  
  • Long term care – Some medical conditions require serious treatment for an extended period of time.  Long term care helps you cover the costs associated with these conditions.
  • Auto – Coverage differs for your car or truck, motorcycle, snowmobile, ATV, or watercraft.
  • Homeowner’s – Standard homeowner’s insurance does not protect your home in the event of flooding and certain other natural disasters.  
  • Senior products – Medicare covers most medical expenses for those 65 and older, but gaps do exist.  Senior insurance products provide coverage for those gaps. 

Core Benefits Group Helps You Identify Custom Solutions that Work

Regardless of what you need for insurance coverage, Core Benefits Group helps you identify the right products you can count on to provide coverage when you need it.  Whenever you have questions, even after you purchase the right products, we can help you find answers.  To learn more about the products we help you locate, read the summary pages below: