Prescription Drug Insurance Coverage

Have All Your Prescriptions Covered with Prescription Drug Insurance

You’ve run into the nightmare scenario – your doctor informs you an expensive medication is the best solution for a serious medical condition you are facing, but Medicare Part D does not provide coverage.   

How do you solve this problem?  

Private prescription drug insurance covers those situations where Medicare offers inadequate or non-existent coverage.  The benefits of prescription drug insurance include:

  • More appropriate coverage for your medical and financial needs than Medicare
  • Identify prescriptions you bought each month and learn ways to reduce costs
  • Customized plans that provide you with the coverage suited to your needs
  • Costs become more predictable and easier to budget
  • Increased network flexibility, allowing you to see the care provider you want

Core Benefits Group Helps You Understand All Aspects of Prescription Drug Insurance

At Core Benefits Group, we focus on building strong relationships with clients like you.  We know how stress-provoking and frustrating it is to purchase insurance.  To add to the complexity of Medicare, coverage also may vary depending on your state of residence.  We make it our goal to assist you in finding only the coverage you need at a price that fits within your budget.  We have many friendly agents ready to answer your questions.

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