Universal Life Insurance

Universal Life Insurance – Permanent, Flexible Coverage for Your Family

As a hardworking, family first individual, you want to protect your family in every way possible.  Unfortunately, a possibility exists that you someday might not be around to care for your family.  

How do you care for your family in the unfortunate event of your death?

You can take many different steps, and one important action you can take is to purchase the right life insurance.  Universal life insurance is one of many forms of life insurance available for helping your family.  Some of the primary benefits of universal life insurance include:

  1. Replaces a substantial amount of lost income and pays for mortgage and educational needs
  2. Access to cash value in the event of emergency situations or for investment opportunities
  3. Business, special needs, and estate planning
  4. Can cost less and be more flexible than whole life insurance

How Does Universal Life Insurance Work?

  • You select a minimum level of coverage - $100,000, $250,000, or $500,000 etc…
  • Your age, current health status, policy term, and level of coverage combine to calculate your monthly or annual premium
  • You pay an annual or monthly premium, but the major difference with universal life insurance is that you can pay in more than the minimum premium required.  A portion of the premium you pay is invested, allowing your policy to accrue cash value, which is taxed only when you withdraw funds from your policy. You can also borrow, with very favorable interest rates, against the cash value of your policy.  Finally, you can structure your policy so the accumulating cash value pays for the premiums.  
  • If you die, your beneficiaries receive the benefit from the policy

 At Core Benefits Group, our goal lies in helping you understand all the intricacies of life insurance so you purchase only the coverage you need, and coverage you can count on to come through every time.  

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